Counting My Blessing ~ November 8

Today I'm thankful for  . . . butter.

Sweet cream butter for baking. Lemon-yellow salted Irish butter on freshly baked bread. Butter steaming apart the crisp layers of feuilletage in an exquisitely rendered mille-feuille. Butter on the bucket of popcorn passed among the hands of my family in a darkened theater on movie night.

In Thanksgiving pies, Christmas cookies, Valentine's truffles, Easter cakes, and melting down the sugar-sweet rows of Independence Day ears of corn on the cob.

Butter on home-baked wheat bread at my grandmother's. Buttered matzos at a friend's. "It was the best butter." ~ The March Hare 

What are you thankful for?


  1. I've worked my way through a lot of butter this week. Made two loaves of Brioche that used three sticks. My favorite Lemon Bars that used two sticks. A batch of Shortbread that used two sticks. Most of it I'm freezing for the holidays ahead.

    What am I thankful for? Two things: my health, and, my creativity.

  2. Butter is amazing.

    Thankful for every mistake I've made - they've shaped me into the person I am today.


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