Blessings Countdown ~ November 2

I'm thankful for . . . my husband's sense of humor. My husband is a smart, funny guy. He's not a practical joker ~ I never fear a blitzkrieg of humiliation on April 1. He's irreverent but not mean; sarcastic, sometimes, but not biting. People laugh when they're around him. Sometimes they laugh in spite of themselves. (I sometimes feel absolutely compelled to feign disapproval ~ but it's difficult.)

Considering that we've been together longer than I've been alive without him (it's not as confusing at it sounds: we started dating when I was 18 . . . I'm 41 now), have been married for 20 years, have two teenage children, and live in the same hometown as both sets of our parents and our siblings . . . well, you need a heavy-duty, extra-strength, all-purpose bionic funny bone (with built-in "love of the absurd" option) to make your way through that successfully, and that's something we both share.

So, I'm grateful for my husband's ability to make me laugh, at the world and at myself. Because sometimes comic relief is the only relief you get.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful that my husband and I can talk about anything, no matter how uncomfortable or how many tears a subject may produce, and get a resolution somehow before we are done. After years of "Because I said so!" or "Just because!" it's a God-send.

    And his ability to make me laugh never hurts, either. :)


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