A New Feature for the New Year

Happy new year, everyone! I have some exciting things planned for Eat Real in 2010, and one of those things is already up and running. I am so pleased to announce that this site has partnered with Springpad to make it a little easier to keep track of recipes (and other stuff) you love ~ from this site and elsewhere on the Internet.

From here on, you'll start to see a little yellow "Save it" button at the bottom of each recipe posted on this blog. Just click on it to save a recipe to your own site on Springpad. From there, you can organize recipes and other info into notebooks and generate grocery-shopping lists and meal plans ~ all for free.

Below is a screenshot of what my recipes will look like on the Springpad site. You'll notice that just the ingredients appear there, with a link back to my site for the directions.

Be sure to check out the Springpad site and explore the apps it offers for making your day-to-day a little more organized. Then come back and let's get cooking!


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