Playing It Safe

With food-borne illnesses and their sometimes dire consequences constantly in the news these days, you might have more than just a casual interest in taking a proactive approach to protecting yourself and your loved ones from these pathogens. I've recently been participating in an online course designed to result in earning a food-hygiene certificate. Even though I live in the U.S. and this course is based in the U.K., I've yet to experience any cultural disconnect ~ salmonella is salmonella, and undercooked eggs or unwashed hands are just as hazardous on any continent.

So far, I like the course. It's pleasantly illustrated and easy to follow. Topics covered include everything from food law to food preservation and storage to personal and workspace hygiene. Periodic quizzes keep you on your toes. It's a painless way to learn about the basics of food hygiene and sanitation, and I encourage you to visit the site and explore a little. Even if you don't cook in a professional or certified kitchen, you'll benefit from knowing how to keep your kitchen and its eqipment in the best and safest condition possible.


  1. I had to get a food handler's certificate a few years ago when I went to work as a grocery store cake decorator. I wasn't real excited about going through the course, but boy, did I learn a lot!

  2. My son managed a pizza joint out of high school and now works at Whole Foods. He harps and harps about this for good reason. People don't often know.

  3. That sounds like a great course. I like to research that kind of thing on my own time but it would sure be nice to get certified in something like that! There's so much to learn.

    - Sagan


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