July 4, 2009 - Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, stateside readers! I'm on vacation for the weekend, and although I'm doing a little cooking here and there (cobbler made from freshly picked cherries for dessert on the 4th; roasted cauliflower to accompany barbecued chicken), I'm mainly just enjoying some downtime (and fireworks) with my family, eating no-fuss food off the grill and going out for locally made ice cream.

Here in New England, it's ice-cream country. Locals, and repeat visitors, know to order a single (never a triple, unless its dinner and you skipped lunch), and to ask for a cup instead of a cone, unless you can lick really fast. There are some flavors that are totally unique to this area, which we just don't have back home in New York. Because of this, I justify my at-least-once-a-day indulgence as "fieldwork." For example, Grapenuts, Frozen Pudding, and Indian Pudding are, to the best of my knowledge, strictly New England dips. Which is not to say I've ever actually eaten any of these three classics. I haven't. That's mainly because I can't get over my profound attraction to the Maine Tracks (vanilla base, peanut butter cups, fudge ribbon) and Tornado (vanilla base, Oreos, M&M'S, chocolate chip cookies, Heath Bars) flavors. But I feel sort of obligated to get to know these traditional old standbys, especially since this is my 21st consecutive year vacationing here.

So, as my vacation draws to a close and I've managed to branch out only as far as the Caramel Turtle Cluster, it looks like I'll be trying to re-create these flavors at home for the present. The only problem is, I have no idea what they should taste like. Which is why I'm putting out the all-call for your suggestions. Got a great recipe for Frozen Pudding? Send me a link! I'd love to hear all about the Indian Pudding ice cream your aunt Peg used to make . . . or that you make as an adult in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine.

I'd love to make one of each of these flavors and post them here, the New England Ice Cream Trifecta.

Until then, maybe you'd like to try one of these to help satisfy your cravings for sweet, cold, and creamy: Fresh Strawberry Gelato, Pomegranate Punch Sorbet, Kiwifruit Sorbet, or Fresh Peach Sorbet.

Happy July, wherever you are!


  1. Sounds like a lovely vacation, and now I am totally craving ice cream and have none in the house!
    Hope you are doing well, Sandy!


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