"Have a Cookie!"

This is not the type of thing I usually say to my kids, but for the past 12 days, I've been participating in the 12 Cookies of Christmas on my baking blog, At the Baker's Bench. I've been baking a batch (at least) a day, with the end result being a ridiculous surfeit of cookies, in spite of my efforts to give away as many as I can. So, when the kids come home from school hungry, I point them to the bins stacked atop the dishwasher. "Have a cookie." You'd think they'd be in heaven, right? But not so much. Turns out you can only eat so many cookies before you start craving cottage cheese and apple slices. So they tell me.

But as of today, the 12 Cookies of Christmas have come to an end, so it's back to whole-grain granola bars and low-fat cheese sticks and two kids begging for cookies.

Just in case you find yourself in the thick of holiday baking, or getting ready to embark on your own Christmas cookie extravaganza, I've brought a few of my favorite cookies to share with you from my baking blog. A "virtual" cookie exchange, if you want to look at it that way. Feel free to share your own favorite cookie ideas in the comments ~ who doesn't love more cookie recipes?

Happy holiday baking!

Brown Butter Cookies

These Brown Butter Cookies are one of the best shortbread cookies I have ever eaten. Period. I ate almost the whole batch by myself.

Ginger Sugar Cookies

Chewy, moist, and perfectly spiced, these are bakery-good Ginger Sugar Cookies. Sandwich these with some French vanilla or egg nog ice cream and you will be everyone's holiday hero!

Biscotti di Regina ~ Queen's Biscuits

If you like your cookies on the drier, not-too-sweet side, think Stella d'Oro's Breakfast Treats, these are it for you! Biscotti di Regina are best the day they are made, and I'll admit it, I've been eating them for breakfast with a cup of black coffee. Heavenly.

Navettes Sucrees ~ Sugar Shuttles

Need something to pretty up your cookie platter? Here you go! Navettes Sucrees look a lot more complicated than they are, which is the good news. These cookies are impressive, but appearances are deceiving ~ they're a snap to make.

Okay, go get your butter out and let it soften. If you make all these and are still hungry for more, check out the full 12 Days of Cookies! See you at the Baker's Bench.

And by the way . . . now that the cookies days are over, it's back to healthy eating at Eat Real, too. Stay tuned for some real-food posts!


  1. Brown Butter Cookies!? Yes please!

  2. Those brown butter ones would do it for me. YuM!

  3. Wow, those all look fantastic! I will definitely be trying the ginger sugar cookies. Great job!

  4. Wow! Those brown butter cookies look really good. I made 6 dozen sugar cookies to give away this weekend, so I'm cookied out, otherwise I'd be putting these in the oven as we speak! :)

  5. Nice selection... Everything looks good but the brown butter cookies sound pretty nice right about now. Never paid much attention to brown butter until I tried it in baked goods. Such a complex flavor.


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