November 4: I'm Thankful For . . .


We are officially in the time-is-money era. (I know; I freelance for an hourly wage.) "It's not my job" seems to be neck-and-neck with "what's in it for me?" in the personal-slogan competition. So I'm always humbled and moved by those who willingly and cheerfully give up their time, money, and/or energy to give of themselves in service to others.

There are so many types of volunteers, too, from those organized on a formal level - think of Red Cross and polling place volunteers - to those who just see a need and step up to the plate. The person who quietly says inside, I can help . . . and then just does.

Today, I'm giving my thanks for Good Samaritans ~ fixers of flat tires; high-school youth group leaders (who actually give up their weekend evenings to spend time playing games like Duct-Tape Dodge Ball with teens); bake-sale bakers; hospital guides, hand-patters, ice-water getters; nursing home listeners, newspaper readers, piano players; for guide-dog-puppy raisers; for being-there-whenever-you-need-them-at-a-moment's-notice babysitters/chauffeurs/crying-on shoulders; for global aid workers packing up seeds, school supplies, and teddy bears; for AIDS-relief helpers offering comfort in the form of a flashlight, a washcloth, a hand that does not fear to touch.

Thanks volunteers, for giving yourselves, for showing heart for heart's sake.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Hey there! You beat me to this comment! I do love your blog and the tone you set. The taking back November really is awesome!



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