November 11: I'm Thankful For . . .


I'm thankful for those who answered a call of duty that carried with it no promise of reward, but the frank and bleak opposite. Who served in conditions that we call intolerable, and tolerated them. Who ate food that was barely fit to be called that. Who endured freezing winters, burning summers, rain that seemed to never end. Who were brave and terrified, who fought for a country that carried on in selfish momentum, who hated and loved and laughed and cried and were surrounded by noise and packed together like sardines but were lonely. Who were sick and suffering, who learned to love strange foods and brought back souvenirs that still sit in glass-fronted cabinets and on mantels and book shelves.

If you wondered whether anyone cared, or remembered, someone did. We still do.
I am ~ we are ~ thankful for your willingness to sacrifice clean sheets, hot showers, baseball games, birthday parties; days, months, years, decades, limbs, and, sometimes, life.

Thank you, veterans.


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