Counting My Blessings: Taking Back November

Last week I was shopping in Target, when I was struck by the odd juxtaposition of aisles hung with Halloween costumes and home decorations next to aisles twinkling with displays of Christmas lights. Christmas . . . already? I thought. It wasn't even Halloween yet, and I was already in a position to worry about whether I'd get my Christmas cards out on time.

Leaving Target, I swung by one of the large home-improvement stores, which I dread entering because my presence there almost always indicates that something in my house is broken. Or we are undertaking a project during the course of which something will be broken. In this case, I needed to replace a ceiling lamp whose switch mechanism had broken ~ not too bad ~ so I marched in with the confidence born of knowing exactly what I needed and where to find it. But I was stuck in my steps a few feet after entering. Both sides of the entryway were lined with Christmas decorations. A few feet after that, snowblowers sat, huge and menacing. It was nearly 65 degrees out and I'd yet to purchase my Halloween candy. What happened to November?

When did November become the month relegated to celebration only in the grocery store? Well, as much as I love Christmas, I'm not ready to celebrate it in the middle of October. And that's why I decided to take back the month of November, as it were, by making it a month-long celebration of thanks giving.

I love Thanksgiving. It's a great holiday ~ food, family, counting one's blessings, no pressure to buy gifts. So, I'm going to commemorate this month of thanks by posting a mini-post every day, in addition to my regular posts, in which I will express gratitude for at least one thing. Please note that I will not be giving thanks here for the "big-ticket items" ~ the personal relationship I experience with Jesus Christ, my husband, my kids, my home, my family, even my pets. . . . These are so fundamental to my well-being that it goes without saying that I'm thankful for them. Instead, this will be my platform for the unsung blessings. The things I'm grateful for but never really get the shout-outs they deserve.

On that note, I'll get started with:

November 1: I'm thankful for heat, light, and hot water.

I say a little prayer of thanks for these three every morning as I step into the shower. These are three things I never take for granted. If you've ever lost your electricity in the wintertime, you probably don't either.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. WOW I am way behind on my reader. This is such a good idea!

    I'm thankful for umbrellas, I'm thankful for my mom, who constantly provide me with advice and support and I'm thankful for whoever decided it was a good idea to but chocolate chip cookie dough in ice cream!

  2. This is a great November/Thanksgiving tradition!

  3. ~Maris: Ooh, you have some good ones here! Thanks for sharing these. (Umbrellas, genius!)

    ~Shari: Thank you! :)


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