Kiwi Green Tea Fizz ~ A Cocktail

I know it's September because my family is back to school, long yellow buses meander down my street before the dew is even off the grass, and I'm packing lunches instead of picnics. But it's still in the eighties and the leaves on the trees are as green as they were when we were first planting the tender little tomato seedlings that are now yellow-leaved and laden with pounds of perfectly ripe fruit. Fall may be imminent, but I'm not ready just yet to let go of summer.

In honor of this fine short-sleeve weather, and perhaps to stretch it out just a bit longer, I put together a cocktail that is late-summer green, fizzy as a Friday evening, and a sweet good-bye to the last batch of summer sorbet. Cheers!

Kiwi-Green Tea Fizz

Makes 2 cocktails

2 large scoops kiwifruit sorbet
4 ounces Green Tea Liqueur
2 lime wedges
12 ounces chilled ginger ale (can use diet)

Place one scoop of kiwifruit fruit sorbet in each of two highball glasses or stemmed wineglasses.

Pour 2 ounces Green Tea Liqueur into each glass.

Squeeze a lime wedge into each glass. Divide ginger ale between the two glasses, pouring slowly to minimize foaming.

Add a straw and serve immediately.

Variation: Replace ginger ale with 4 oz sparkling white wine (such as Prosecco) per serving.

Notes: This is a fantastic cocktail for a party, by the way. It's fun, festive, and quick to assemble ~ no blender required. StickyGooeyCreamyChewy, I'm bringing the Kiwi Green Tea Fizz to your Blogiversary Bash!


  1. Oh, Sandy! This looks sublime! I'm all for stretching Summer out too. Thank you so much for joining the party!

  2. ~Carmen Cooks: Thank you! It is . . . perfect for a really hot and muggy day.

    ~SGCC: Thanks so much! The party was great fun; I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)


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