Sunday, April 25, 2010

Avocado Panna Cotta

I haven't been exactly shy about declaring my love for avocados. They're among the few foods so compelling that I can't keep them around without thinking about them all the time. If they're on the premises, they're in my thoughts. Obsessive? Maybe. But I don't feel guilty.

The thing about avocados is that for being such a seductive piece of fruit, they're also darn coy, a little difficult, kind of high-maintenance. They have much to offer the one who's willing to invest the proper care. That incredible texture ~ like silk, buttery and enigmatic on the tongue. The color ~ edible spring uncoiling into summer. And the bittersweet nature of its fleeting beauty . . . an avocado hungrily stripped becomes very quickly something no one wants to love.

So, what presents itself is the problem of maximizing all these virtues and avoiding the fatal flaw . . . but how? I present my latest effort toward this end . . .



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