Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sacha Inchi Seeds

Karmalized SaviSeeds
Readers, most of you know I'm an inveterate snacker. I make no apologies. Instead, I make an effort to snack on things that won't make me feel naughty (in a bad way) later. I like to maximize nutritional bang for my caloric snack buck, which is why I'm seriously loving these sacha inchi seeds.

Haven't heard of them? I hadn't either before the fine folks at SaviSeed were kind enough to send me some samples. Considering how much time I spend prowling around the crunchy-granola-global-whole-foods-bulk-bin store, I'm surprised I haven't seen these before. But now that my eyes have been opened to the munch-liciousness, I'm going to pick them up on a regular basis. If your store doesn't yet carry these, ask. Yes, they're worth being "that guy" and making a special request. Why I think SaviSeeds are that good:
  • They have 13 times more Omega-3 than wild salmon (7000 mg per 1 oz serving) and contain complete plant-based protein (8 grams per ounce).
  • They are certified organic, fairly traded, and sustainably produced.
  • A one-ounce serving contains 5 grams of fiber and has about 160 calories.
  • They contain vitamin E and tryptophan.
  • They're also nut- and gluten-free (which, I have a hunch, some of you might find very appealing).
The sacha inchi seeds hail from the Amazon rainforest in Peru, where they've been grown and eaten for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The edible seeds are harvested from a star-shaped pod that grows on a vine. Cool, right?
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So, what do they taste like? Hard to say, exactly. Not like a peanut, though they've been know to ride under the handle "Inca Peanut." More like a cross between a roasted soybean and a fresh sugar snap pea. Munchy. Addictive. The texture is definitely nutty.

They come in three flavors, Cocoa Kissed (enrobed in 70% cocoa), Karmalized (coated in raw sugar cane), and Oh Natural (dusted with sea salt) ~ my personal favorite. Yum.

Check them out, and let your kids check them out. If your local healthy foods type store doesn't carry them yet, lay on a pouty lip and ask nicely. In the meantime, you can buy them online.



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