Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9: I'm Thankful For . . .

Lower gas prices.

When gas prices rose above $4.oo a gallon, I felt our life changing. Every trip counted ~ no more joy rides. There was no such thing as a single errand anymore; now every little trip was bundled with to-dos. If I had to return a library book, I thought about what other things I could pack into the same run - hair cut, doctor's visit, health food store, bank.

Spontaneity was pretty much a goner ~ who can afford to be spontaneous with gas over $4? When it costs at least $60 to fill the tank, suddenly it's all about planning.

This morning as we were driving to church, I saw that the price of gas was $2.48 a gallon. I was shocked! Delighted! Now, it didn't drop overnight; it's been coming down a few pennies at a time. But so far, I'm still multitasking my errand runs. Have to run out for a pound of green beans? Better exchange my daughter's jeans, pick up guinea pig food, return that video. Yes, gas is cheaper, and I'm thankful for that, because it's a lot cheaper to fill the tank now. But I'm also thankful for the lessons I learned when gas was a lot more expensive. Lifestyle lessons that are just part of my routine now. Painless, for the most part.

But if gas prices continue to fall, maybe we'll take a joy ride one of these afternoons. A bit of planned spontaneity to take in the last of this season's foliage ~ enjoying fall in every sense of the word.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I'm thankful that people started combining errands when the gas prices went up...and that the habit stuck when the prices dropped!

    (sorry I'm a bit late on this one...but it's near and dear to my heart!)


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